Lawn Care


All residents are required to cut and maintain their lawn. The height of grass and weeds must not exceed twelve inches. All yards should be free of debris, trash and yard waste.

Yard Waste

All yard waste must be placed in Paper Bags no larger than thirty gallons each, with each bag displaying a yard waste sticker. Yard waste bags will be picked up on your regular scheduled garbage day. Yard waste bag stickers may be purchased at City Hall for $2.50 each from April 1st to October 30th. Leaf and yard waste burning is prohibited.

Markham ordinance mandates that residents who own property with corner lots must trim and maintain their bushes and trees to a maximum height of three feet to prohibit obstruction of traffic vision. Ordinance violations may result in tickets and fines issued to the resident.

Free Yard Waste/Branch Pick-Up Week

Free Yard Waste and Branch Pick-Up Week is scheduled during the month of November. Notifications will be distributed to all residents. Branches must be cut into four foot lengths and piled neatly off the street. All yard waste and leaves must be placed in paper bags.