Vehicle Information

Vehicle Stickers

All vehicles registered to an address in the City of Markham (automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, etc.) must display a current City sticker/tag. You must provide a copy of your vehicle registration to purchase a vehicle sticker. The license year is March 1st – February 28th. Vehicle stickers/tags may be purchased at City Hall.

Passenger Vehicles
Class B - P Vehicles
December 1st to February 28th 



$44 and up

March 1st to March 30th



$88 and up

April 1st to November 30th



$132 and up

Residents who purchase a replacement vehicle may obtain a transfer sticker. Transfer stickers are available for a fee of $1. The original purchased sticker and sticker receipt must be provided as proof of purchase.  

Vehicle Parking

In residential areas, all vehicles parked outdoors are required to be licensed and operable and must be parked on an all-weather surface. Parking is not permitted on residential streets between the hours of 3 am and 5 am unless a current overnight parking permit is displayed.

Parking on Lawns

Vehicles are prohibited from parking on lawns and/or any unpaved portion of the street.

Snow Ban

Parking is prohibited on both sides of all streets for a period of twenty four hours during and/or following a snowfall of two inches or more.  


Driveways must be paved or have a topping of all-weather surface, such as cement or asphalt.  Dirt and stone driveways are prohibited.

Junk/Inoperable Vehicles

Junk or inoperable vehicles parked in an unsheltered location for over seven consecutive days is prohibited and may be subjected to fines and towing.