School District

The following are the school districts that serve the city of Markham.

Elementary Education

  • Prairie Hills District #144:  3015 West 163rd Street, Markham, 708-210-2888; Serves Markham, west of Western Avenue and South of 154th Street.
  • Hazel Crest District #152 1/2: 1910 West Dixie Highway, Hazel Crest, 708-335-0790; Serves area I-294 east to Park Avenue between the south side of 163rd Street to 167th Street.
  • Springfield District #143: 14620 Springfield, Midlothian, 708-385-0045; Serves Country Aire subdivision only.
  • Posen District #143 1/2: 14025 Harrison, Posen, 708-388-7200; Serves Bel Aire subdivision only.
  • Harvey District #147: 155th and Hoyne, Harvey, 708-339-9500; Serves areas between Western and Dixie Highway on 156th Street, 156th Place and south side of 157th Street.
  • Harvey District #152: 16001 Lincoln Avenue, Harvey, 708-333-0300.

Secondary Education

Higher Education